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All our camera straps are beautifully handcrafted and come in various unique designs. They sit softly around your neck and are very durable. They can safely carry up to 15 lbs (7kg). 

You can choose between three strap lengths or request your desired measurement. The most common size is 47” (120 cm) which allows you to carry your camera comfortably around your neck or across your chest. 

Our straps are the perfect addition to your camera. You will fall in love with taking pictures even more! 

So far, our shop is only available in German, but we do ship worldwide. Below you will more details.



rope diameter: 0,4“ = 10 mm

payload: 15 lbs = 7 kg

particularity: handmade

suitable for: DSLR, DSLM




39“ = 100 cm

43“ = 110 cm

47“ = 120 cm

desired length on demand